Siu Ming Visits London cover

Special thanks to Visit Britain for supplying the London footage.

As written by the Hong Kong song writer – Wai Yin and sung by the cult singer Dr. Lee Ka Yan, “Siu Ming Visits London" is the first original song in English and it is also the first trip of Siu Ming going aboard.

In an article written by Raymond Tse in Hong Kong Standard, there is a good description of the Dr. Lee ka Yan and his previous internet hit “Siu Ming Visits Guangzhou like this : -

“Lee, with his oval shaped glasses, blue physician’s garb and a stethoscope hanging around his neck, looks like a friendly avuncular doctor. But there is no mistaking his sense of drama as he poses and gestures for the camera.

Although he has been singing children’s songs on TVB shows for 17 years, Lee’s breakout moment came when his song Siu Ming Visits Guangzhou and its accompanying music video became a YouTube hit at the end of 2010.

The song is about a boy called Siu Ming, who many suspect is Lee’s alter ego, who takes a trip to visit his relatives in Guangzhou. The video shows Lee taking a high-speed train, visiting famous Guangzhou landmarks, tucking into dim sum and rapping Cantonese tongue-twisters. Lee says that through the Siu Ming series, he wants people, especially young people, to learn more about the mainland.

The song has spawned many spoofs, including one by famous local stand-up comic Jim Chim and an X-rated version by some members of the Hong Kong Golden Forum online discussion site. In the comments beneath the video of Lee’s version on YouTube there are messages of appreciation as well as posts mocking Lee and poking fun at him. Not that such ridicule and send-ups of his work are likely to bother Lee

Siu Ming Visits London

Music & Text : Wai Yin (韋然)
Arrangement, editor and producer : Paul Lin
Vocal : David Lee 李家仁 featuring Mazak Association
MV directed and produced by Lam Po Kin
Executive Producer : Wai Yin

Me and You, You and Me,
Take a ride in the Big Red Bus,
See the Town through the London Eye,
This is the Old London Town

Where to go ? I don’t know
Oh ! left is right and right is wrong
From Gloucester Road to Paccadilly Circus
Through the tube of London Town Take a trip to London Town
Going up Going down
Turning left and turning
Sing a song of London Town Let’s Go ! Siu Ming takes a ride Siu Ming takes a ride Siu Ming takes a ride in London Town Let’s Go ! See the London Bridge See the London Bridge
See the London Bridge before the sun is down

Bubble Tea Chocolate Rain
Something old and something new
The Town is changing, the rains still fall
This is the old London Town

The palace of Westminister
The Gold old days, Henry the King,
The Royal Wedding of Kate and William
Talking of the talks of the down